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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Bloggy!

Well, this little blog of mine will turn 1 on Wednesday...technically.  However, I didn't really put much into my blogging until about September, so...

I've always loved to write and have attempted many different ways to outlet this love.  This home blog stuck.  It was slow to get started, but now it is truly a part of my everyday.  I personally gain so much from reading blogs that I feel the need to pay it forward and contribute in some way.  If just one person gains inspiration from what I share, yay! :)

Since the end of a year is a time of looking back, I thought it would be fun to highlight some of my favorite (and your favorite too!) posts.

Last January I shared a cute DIY Valentine Wreath.

Then, in February, I showed you my V-day mantle and my DIY milk glass jars.

In the Spring I shared how to make a festive birthday wreath out of dollar store materials...

...and how we helped little man turn the big 3 with a Mickey party.

I made over a Goodwill lamp in April,

and shared Little's playroom over the summer.

Things really picked up in the fall when we welcomed fall,

  monogrammed a wall,

Set a Fall table,

Decked out the mantle,

painted some pumpkins (here and here),


made a mossy masterpiece,

showed you how to make and use my Home Binder (this was one of the most popular posts all year),

and baked some out of this world treats (here and here).


I shared my holiday home with you recently,

as well as some ideas for quick gifts (for any time of year!) here, here, and here.


We've also had some fun playing with different looks...




I sure like the sorority girl pose, don't I?  I have to say though, I think my Fashion Fun pics have gotten much better.  I'm learning!

This has been such a fun "year" of blogging for me.  In the past few months that I've really been giving Nest some love, I've met some great people, learned a lot about photography, and really learned a lot about who I am as a mom, wife, baker, decorator, person.  They say reflection is the best tool for personal growth...

To those of you who faithfully come read my random tidbits, I thank you.  Whether it's with sweet comments or silent cheerleading, your support has given me more than you know.  I started 2012 in kind of a rocky place, but I can confidently say that 2013 is my year!

Get ready, we're going to have a lot of fun!!  Happy New Year!


TDC Before and After


  1. Love everything, but the balloon wreath has to be my favorite! You're a dead ringer for Mandy Moore, by the way! :)

    1. Thanks April! You're the 2nd person to make the Mandy Moore reference recently. I'll take it as a compliment! :) So exciting to see you featured on Jen and Kate's blogs recently! Way to go girl!!!!

  2. Can't wait to see/read what you bring us in 2013!! (BTW, I'm reminded of the saltine toffee bars you made. I should have done THOSE in place of the terrible disaster I produced in your kitchen last week....which, btw, I threw out!!)

    1. Oh, they weren't that bad! The dipped pretzel rods were delish! I had a few...:)


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