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Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Table

I have had the most fun decorating for Fall!  I love trying a different approach to things than last year and this year is no exception.  I mentioned before that my house has a new color palette.  About one year ago, my house was green, red, black and white.  

What?  Those were the "in" colors when we got married.  After 6 years I was really ready for something different.

I have worked the past year on changing over to a more neutral set-up so I can change colors with the seasons.  Because I do love my seasons!

This year, I went with green, gold, silver, brown, and a touch of persimmon (because persimmon just sounds more decoratey than orange).

These colors still say "fall", but go along with my new soft blue, brown, green, and cream palette.

I picked up these pumpkins at Hobby Lobby back in August!  Did I mention I love fall?

I love how the little gold pinecones add another layer of glitz.

I filled my candle holders with a few coffee beans.  It looks awesome and smells even better!

These little berry wreaths are actually supposed to be garlands from Michael's, but y'all...I could not get them to unravel!  So, tiny wreaths they became...and I'm kind of glad. (Yes, the tags are still on...I'm waiting to make sure I still love them...but I'm pretty sure I do!)

Resting on the hutch is the burlap wreath I made last winter.  This was when I discovered I have a reaction to burlap fibers.  Did I let that stop me from finishing my project?  Never!

You can see that the dining chairs still need to be recovered.  I have the fabric (or should I say drop cloth).  Have y'all discovered how wonderful drop cloths are?!   

The pinecone sticks add just the right touch of rustic to my "rustic chic" table.  I still feel like I'm trying to figure out what direction I'm headed with the redecorating and the fall decorating has really helped.

How have your tables been shaping up?  There are just so many possibilities with fall!

Pumpkins: Hobby Lobby
Garland wreaths: Michaels
Gold pinecones: Michaels
Pinecone sticks: Target
Green Runner: Target (several years ago)
Candle sticks: gift
Burlap Wreath: Homemade
Dining Room Paint Color: Behr Squirrel

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