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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Living Room Tour

You've already met my new love...

Now, some of the other things that are making me smile around here.  There's a lot to smile about!

First, I found this amazing clock at HomeGoods and had to have it.  Never thought I would come home with a huge, weathered clock, but it spoke to me and it was meant to be.

Here's why it was meant to be...because it was going to team up with the most amazing little distressed side table you've ever stumbled upon.  I mean seriously.  There was absolutely no debating.  This guy was coming home with me.

Isn't it the coolest?  It makes my heart sing.  Especially when you see the clock across the room.  Perfect.  Don't you love the Mega Blocks peeking out of the baskets?  This is real life peeps.  They used to have a home in the playroom, but Little Man plays with them in the living room.  We're all about streamlining around here!

The artwork above the table is a watercolor I did that my parents had framed for me.  I still feel uncomfortable showcasing my own art (you always see the flaws in your own work), but hey, it's better than a random print, right?

I also have big plans for a new lamp for the table.  Combine a $6 Goodwill find with some DIY mirror glass technique.  I'll keep you posted!

Now, for the knobs...a 60% off find at JoAnn of all places!

I LOVE these knobs.  No, no one needs new knobs on their built-ins, but they add such an unexpected touch of fun and detail.  That's what decorating is all about for me.  The little unexpected moments.

A side table or a footstool?  A side table or a footstool?  Both!

This little beauty had a nice red tag on it at HomeGoods, which for those of you who don't know, means DISCOUNT!  I originally planned to recover it with burlap, but when I got it home, it seemed to work just great.  I love the quartrefoil detail on the legs.  And the fact that it provides an extra seat for our small living room.

This basket literally jumped in my cart at Hobby Lobby.  Seriously.  It even gave me the 40% off coupon.  How could I disappoint him?

These wingbacks were a hand-me-down from my Mister's parents.  They are great chairs, however, their upholstery didn't really go with our space.  Enter two slipcovers from Tar-jey.  The transformation was amazing.  Do they look like upholstery?  No.  They are slipcovers, but I happen to like their relaxed vibe.  I originally planned to recover these chairs myself, and that may still happen someday, but for now, loving the change.

I love staging bookcases and shelves.  It takes me awhile sometimes, but that's because I work until I feel I have the perfect mixture of weight, scale, color, and composition.  These shelves are a great place to showcase some of the white pieces I've been collecting, various books I've been gifted and some of my favorite black and whites.  Still a few things to tweak.  The tops are calling for some really great baskets don't ya think?  It may change next week, but I'm liking it for now! 

Yes, that is a six-foot measuring tape hanging on my wall, and it. is. awesome.  This was a gift from my hubs' aunt.  She's majorly into decorating too and has a great eye for unique pieces.  This is actually a growth chart!  You can write directly on it and record your kiddos progress.  The best part, it can come with you wherever you move.  This was a must-have feature for us.  My parents always recorded our heights on a door frame and when I graduated college, they moved.  You'd better believe that door frame came with us! 

Next up is the infamous Chinese Hutch.  Not really infamous, just a conversation starter.  One of my friends' husband once asked if this is where we store our saki.  I'm assuming you already know the answer to this.

Well.  That's our living room in a nutshell.  Of course, my projects are never finished, but we are enjoying the progress we've made.  The space is crying out for a great area rug and I've got burlap window treatments in the works.  I've been waiting years, literally, to transform my living room and I'm so grateful I've finally been able to do so!

What rooms are you working on these days?

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