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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fun Friday - DIY Handsoap...and a $ Saver!

Happy Friday everyone!  I absolutely love having a clean home.  Nothing beats that "just cleaned" smell.  I'm partial to the Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day line of products because they smell divine, are tough on grime, and are all natural (that last part should have rhymed...we had a thing going).

My fav is basil.  Hmmmm.  It just makes me feel so calm and happy.  I like to put the little handsoap bottles next to every sink, but those babies can add up quick.  Enter this splendid idea from FamilyofFarmers.blogspot.com.  She has come up with a great DIY answer to expensive handsoap by using the bar version of your fav soap, a little liquid glycerin, and water.  Go ahead, pop over and give it a look.

P.S.  I purchased all the necessary supplies and this is on my list of projects.  Keep checking back...we'll soon see if I have soap making savvy!

Happy Weekend!

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