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Friday, February 10, 2012

Fun Friday! - Vintage Valentines

The Day of Love is fast approaching.  Are you getting ready for chocolate and hearts?  We've been feeling festive around here lately.  So far we've made a heart wreath, milkglassed some apothecary jars, and today, made vintage Valentines.

Effort on this one = minimal.  Outcome = super cute, and reusable for next year!

Here's what you need:
  • color printer
  • computer
  • old books
For this one, you need a few old books.  Not the kind of old books you could sell for a small fortune, but the kind of books you find in the dollar bin at your local thrift store.  You'll need the blank pages in the front and back.  The goal is to use authentic, vintagey looking paper.  If you don't have old books, try and tea stain some regular paper.

Next is the fun part!  Google "vintage valentines" in google images.  There are so many to choose from!  I was a sucker for the food related ones for the card holder in my kitchen.  What's funnier than talking yams?!  I also got a couple cutesy boy and girl ones for my mantel.

Make your selction, then print them directly onto the old paper.  I had no problem feeding mine through the printer.  Just be sure to let the ink dry.

Instant V-day decor.  Super fast.  Super cheap.  Super fun!

Have a fantastic weekend!  Last weekend to get your Valentine something special.  How about a vintage Valentine card and a few chocolates?

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