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Monday, February 13, 2012

Grocery Saving Lesson 6 - Work Those BOGO's!

For those of you who don't know, a BOGO is a Buy One Get One sale and I love them. An ordinary shopper would see Krusteaz pancake mix on sale BOGO (2 for $2.19) and place 2 in the cart. You are not an ordinary shopper though. What you will do is NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use a BOGO without coupons (unless it is an item you really need and absolutely can't find a coupon).

Being the Clipper Queen (or King) you are, you would put those same Krusteaz pancake mixes in your cart, but at the register you will hand the cashier 2 coupons for .50 cents off each Krusteaz mix. Why 2, because you are purchasing 2, even though you are getting one for free.  Essentially, they are each half off.  But we're not done yet. Most stores will double any coupon up to .50 cents. That means you just shaved a dollar off of each box! And you are only really paying for one! So the $2.19 becomes .19 cents!!!!

Only have one coupon?  Never fear.  Usually you can buy just one when things are BOGO (the only exception to this I know of is in Florida).  Items are marketed as Buy One, Get One, but in reality, they are just both half off.  So when you buy one pancake mix, you are getting it for $1.09.  But you, you're getting it for .09 cents because you used your .50 coupon, right?

And just like that...you're a Clipper Queen...or King.

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