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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I know it's over, but....Valentine Hugs!

My son had his first little Valentine's Party last week and I couldn't resist making some cute little treats for his buddies.  I know the holiday has already come and gone, but pin it for next year, or, better yet...change out the m&m colors and make yourself a St. Paddy's Day treat!

What you Need: (for 2 trays of hugs)
3 bags of Hugs
1 bag of chocolate m&m's
1 bag of pretzel snaps

My beloved jellyroll pans are at it again!  Line them with parchment paper for a quick cleanup, then lay the snaps out.

Get to unwarpping those hugs!

Place a hug on each pretzel.  You can enlist a cute helper if you have one handy! ;)

 Preheat the oven to 250 and bake the trays for 7 minutes apiece.  Here's a tip though...you have to get the m&m's on immediately after removing the pretzels/hugs from the oven, so I like to do one tray at a time.  Once I have the m&m's on the first tray, I pop the other tray in the oven and fold some laundry for 7 minutes...you know you have some laundry.

Once they come out of the oven, take 2 m&m's (preferably different colors) and plop them right on top.  Your fingers will get chocolatey!

Refrigerate the trays for about 30 minutes so everything sets. You can stop there and munch away, or, you can wrap up a few for friends.

What you Need:
Curling ribbon
Hole Puncher
Valentine Message
Clear pretzel rod candy bags

I made little labels for my son's treats in Word and printed them out.  Easy-peasy.  They say "A hug from me to you!"  how cute!

I also cut out a red heart to place the name of each recipent on.

Put 5 hugs in a plastic pretzel rod bag (I found mine at Party City).  Fold over the top and hold the label and the name tag on either side of the bag.  Punch through all 3 layers.  Thread curling ribbon through the holes and tie to secure.  Voila!  A cutesy treat for your kids' cutesy friends!

Beware...these little guys are addictive...

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