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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Couch Chaos

We had a bit of drama around the casa this past weekend.  It all revolved around the most used piece of furniture in the house.  The couch.

Now, the couch we've been using for the past 5 years is a hand-me-down from my hub's, sister's, old roommate.  Got that?  It's big, and green, and knobby, and really, really broken down.  Really.  With a dog and a 2 year old, we haven't minded much.  However, having people over, that's another story!  The springs in the center are so sprung I had to roll out of it when I was pregnant.  Bad.

I wish I had a picture to show you, but seeing as how it was no beauty queen, I don't have any!  What I do have for you is a story.

While at a birthday party last week, the moms and I got to chatting about sofas.  "Oh, we won't replace ours for a long time.  We're just not ready for something nice yet", I stated with confidence.  Well, friends, at this exact moment, our beloved dog was hurling neon yellow Moon Dough on said couch.

Who eats Moon Dough?

When we got home from the birthday party, one of the cushions was no longer green.  Picture a tennis ball.  Let's add a new element to the story.  My parents were coming into town for the weekend...in about two hours.  How do you entertain with a neon yellow puke sofa?

Desperate times call for- no, not desperate measures- insane measures.  Measures you would never, ever attempt in your normal, calm state.  My bright idea?  Let's stuff the entire cushion in the washing machine.  You are probably shaking your head right now and screaming "No! Don't!" and you are absolutely right.  In what world would an oversized couch cushion fit in a washing machine?  But fit it I did - totally ignoring the voice telling me to STOP.

"This is going to be great", I thought.  I'd wash the neon one, and it would work so well, I'd wash the 2nd one too.  It'll be like a new couch!  Wrong.  Oh, so very, very wrong.

While back downstairs, scrubbing out the little neon piles all over the carpet, a sound resembling the whistle of a ship came from the laundry room.  If only I had listened to that little voice telling me not to put the cushion in the washer.  If only.

Smoke.  Water on the floor.  Green, mucky water.  Must. Get.  Cushion.  Out.  One thousand pounds.  Sopping wet.  Water trail through the master bedroom.  Cushion in tub.  Horrid, horrid, burning barf smell.  Crying.  Lots and lots of crying.

Don't worry everyone.  The laundry room is fine.  The water came up easily and the washing machine isn't broken.  A little mad at me, but working.  The cushion, on the other hand, is beyond repair.  This led to an impromptu trip to Ikea.  When you need a new couch, but aren't ready for fine furniture due to pets and kids, Ikea is the place!

We are now the proud owners of an Ektorp sofa with a lovely white slipcover.  Yes, I said white.  But, I also said slipcover.  Those babies can be washed and bleached...and they DO fit in the washing machine. 

So all is well again.  The green monster is gone and we are loving the new one.  Getting it home from the store, well, that's another post.

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