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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Table 2013

If you popped in to check out my Easter mantle from yesterday, you know the name of the game this year is 'simple'.  After a big birthday party and a trip to Disney, I kept the table as low-key as possible.

I pulled out my swag of burlap again to be the runner.  I wonder if I'll ever tire of this thing?!

Then, I added a white pitcher from my collection, popped in some botanicals from Target, plunked my cute Target bunnies down and scattered my Kroger eggs about.

Hopefully it looks a lot better than it sounds!

What have you been putting up for Easter?  Has it warmed up where you are?

I just love this time of year.  Get your white shorts and sandals ready girls!


Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Mantle 2013

We're back from a fantastic visit with the Mouse.  There is nothing like Disney World with a 4 year-old.  He loved it, we loved it.  We all need a vacation to recover.

While I let the laundry sit and the grocery shopping go undone, I'll share with you the Easter mantle I put together, because folks, it's this weekend.  Say what?!  So. Not. Ready.

I kept it very simple this year by using things I already had, along with a wreath and eggs I stumbled upon at Kroger.

The wooden bunny is from Marshalls and the wire basket is from the Target $1 spot.  I think it was $3 though...

The mercury glass candlesticks from Pottery Barn are still going strong.  I love a purchase that keeps on giving!

I've had the wicker vase forever.  I think I found it at Big Lots.  The botanicals are from Pottery Barn.

And there you have it.  A fresh, clean, approach to Easter.  It makes me feel so calm.

Now, to get that Easter bunny cracking on the basket!


Friday, March 22, 2013

Change of Plans...

Well, I did say I would be showing you my Easter mantle and tablescape this week...however...


          ...we're at the most magical place on earth!


See ya real soon!



Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Little!

Happy Birthday Little Man!  

I cannot believe you are 4.  It seems like only yesterday you were crawling around and learning how to feed yourself puffs.  Now, you eat 3 full meals a day and about 3 more full size snacks!  You are growing like a weed and making it hard for momma to keep you in shoes and pants!

Daddy and I could not be prouder of you.  You live life to the fullest and do everything with joy.  You love everyone you meet and never hesitate to show us how much you love us with special drawings, cards, and rocks  you've collected.

You are smart as can be.  You amaze me everyday with what you know about meteors and power lines, and sea creatures.  When you are fascinated about something, you want to know "everything about it".  I love that about you.  You stump me with your questions, but I love your curiosity.  You and George would be the best of pals. ;)

You're an amazing artist.  You love to cut and glue and use markers till your hands are multi-colored.  I wonder where that comes from?  I can't wait to see what you do with all of your talents.

We really thought you'd have a sibling by now, but you know what?  God's given us a little extra time with just you, and how special this time has been.  We've been to movies together.  Sampled cake pops, walked on the beach, flown in an airplane, gone to the zoo, picked apples, and pumpkins, and flowers. Watched you experience your first day of school and hit your first baseball, and eat a lemon all the way to the peel. Yuck!  We wouldn't trade this time for anything.

And if our little family stays only three, you, my love, are enough.  More than enough.  Just right.

Little, we love you so much!  Although I end every day exhausted, I also end every day happy God gave me the opportunity to be your mom.  Keep asking questions, keep growing, keep exploring, keep drawing, and never let anyone or anything hide your light.

  Mommy and Daddy

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dino Party - The Mantle

I promise this is the last post on the Dinosaur Birthday Party.  There were a lot of parts!  It would have shut my blog down if I'd put it all in one post...hope you don't mind! :)

I told you yesterday I love to set the table first for any party or holiday event.  Second, the mantle.  These are just the natural places I go to add a touch of whatever festivity we have happening.

I used a Target garland to start and then shopped my house for the rest.

The wicker vase is from Big Lots and I filled it with curls of the same wrapping paper I used to run the dining table (you can see that post yesterday).

The dino is a DIY attempt out of poster board and markers.  I think he turned out okay!

I had the graphic already and I think it was from Pinterest.  

My Mister's aunt gave us the cute dino cookie cutters.  After I baked all the cookies, I used the cutters to spice up the mantle.  I love the extra texture they add.

The two yellow candle holders are from Kirland's and I made the chalk quote bubble out of poster board and chalk spray paint.

It was a fun and spirited way to great our guests and pay special tribute to my favorite little dinosaur!

Do you see the blue painter's tape holding up the bubble?  We had some difficulty!
I hope you've enjoyed the dino series.  I am officially dinosaured out.  It was a blast and it sure made Little happy and that's the whole point!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dino Party - The Table

The first thing I do when planning a party is come up with the theme and/or colors.  Then...the table!  I love to set the table first because it sets the tone for the rest of the party and usually takes me in a direction I hadn't anticipated going.

I thought it would be fun to seat the kiddos in the dining room for Little's 4th Birthday party.  They thought it was pretty cool to be at the big table while the mom's ate in the kitchen.

I started by using a roll of wrapping paper from the Target $1 spot for the runner.  I also used some of this paper for the juice box covers.

Next, I used two of Little's favorite toy dinos as a focal point, some flowers and a birthday balloon.  Because how can you not have a Happy Birthday balloon at a child's birthday party?!

Last spring I DIY some chalkboard chargers.  These were the perfect place to give our guests their very own dinosaur name.

I topped each charger with a yellow paper plate, a red dinner napkin, and some very cute blue and white rugby striped appetizer napkins.  The plastic dinos were another favor the kids could take home.  They came from the Target $1 spot.  Got to love that place!

The whole table probably cost me $15, with the cost of all the dinosaurs and the flowers.  Not bad for a very cute, very festive table!

The little ones sure seemed to like it...

Up next, the mantle.  Then I promise I won't bore you with my dinosaur birthday party anymore!


Monday, March 18, 2013

Dino Party - Decorations

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  We were running all over with baseball, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  Did I tell you my Little Man was awarded the game ball after his very first game?!  So proud!


Last week I revealed the Dinosaur Party we had for my son's 4th birthday.  Wow.  Four.

If you missed any of that, you can find the cookie favors here, menu here, and volcano cupcakes here.

Today I'm sharing the decor.  It was pretty easy and very DIY.  I started with some clearance Target party pennant banners.

I have three so I used them in the entryway...

In the dining room...

and on the mantle.

On a whim, I decided it would be fun to make giant dinosaurs.  I bought big white poster boards and drew a T-Rex, Triceratops, and Brontosaurus on them.

  To tie them in with the fun patterns on the pennants, I rugby striped and polka dotted them in coordinating colors.  I was pretty happy with how they turned out!

Two dinos stood on the dining room hutch to welcome out little guests.

The T-Rex took over the mantle.

Once the dinos were up, I felt they needed to a little something.  Actually, I felt they needed to be saying something, so I used some leftover poster board and made three quote bubbles.  Then, I spray painted each bubble with chalkboard paint.

The Tri and Bronti say "Roar!"  and "He's 4!"

Rexxy says "Happy Birthday Japhasaurus!"

They were very easy, and made a great impact.  And, they're reusable!

Of course, I had to pull out my balloon wreath again.

 I just changed the circle label to say "Happy Fourth Birthday".

Fresh flowers are always a must for any party.  I got mine at Kroger and split them up to make 2 bouquets.  I had the vases already.

Little absolutely LOVES balloons.  Actually, I've never heard of anyone who loves them more than he does. So, naturally we had out own balloon tank and blew up a ton of balloons.

 We also took a trip to the store where he got to pick out his own Dino balloon.  Very exciting.

Tomorrow, I'll break down the birthday tablescape I put together, as well as the birthday mantle.

See you then!


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