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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dino Party - Cookie Favors

We had the big Dinosaur Blow-out last weekend and it was a huge success!  I was a little crazy to schedule two parties in one day, just two days after getting back from vacation, but a couple of sleepless nights and we were in business!

I love a themed party and when Little suggested Dinos, I jumped right in.  It was meant to be when Mister's aunt gave us some dino cookie cutters.  I knew what the favors would be!

I spent one day making the sugar cookies and glazing them with royal icing.  I would suggest looking on Pinterest for a good royal icing recipe.  It's the stuff that dries hard enough to stack and decorate, but still delicious.

The next day was decorating and packaging day.  I found some great food colors from Wilton to use.  We went with turquoise, red, and orange.

I used a food writer to add the "J" and "4" accents.  Have you tried them yet?  They are really amazing.  You just have to make sure your base icing is really set or it will crack.

I made some cute little tags in Word and spring green ribbon from Michaels to tie them up in cellophane bags.

One cookie in each bag, hole punch through the bag and tag, thread ribbon through and tie.  Easy-peasy!

I found this great long, rectangular lidded basket for $1 at Goodwill a few weeks ago.  I just crumpled some red tissue paper to fill the bottom and stacked the cookies in the basket.

A couple of plastic dino accents,  and our favor table was ready to go!

I think it made a cute little party vignette and provided a delicious treat to our adorable little guests!

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