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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Style Files - It's Fall...What are you Wearing?

Howdy friends! I know, I know. I said I was back...and then I wasn't. I underestimated getting back into the swing of school, and baseball, and home life, etc. I've been taking things slowly, not rushing into a million projects and I love it! I see other blogs I love whipping out all sorts of cute new material, which used to make me feel panicked, but now, it's my pace. It may be too slow for some of you, and I apologize for that. I'm just trying to keep a good balance these days and so far so good!

 All that being said, it is now my favorite season and we can't jump into fall without first talking about what we are going to be wearing. I'm seeing a lot of leopard, stripes, plaids, navy, and preppy/traditional looks out there. All things I am on board with!

 Here's what I'll be wearing:

Merona® Women's Crepe Shirt Dress - Assorted Colors

This dress is so much cuter on than in the picture.  For some, this may be too much of a full-body print, but I personally think leopard works as a neutral.  A very "spot" on neutral.  Get it?

I also scooped this dress up in this fun paisley. Very comfortable, flattering, and a show stopper!  Do I even need to tell you these are from Tar-jay?

Merona® Women's Crepe Shirt Dress - Assorted Colors

Target is killing it with the fall staples this season!  I got these shells and I've already worn them several times.  Again, classic patterns that can mix with red pants, denim, a pencil skirt.  I recently wore the leopard shell with black shorts and flats for dinner with friends.

Merona® Women's Scoop Neck Chiffon Blouse - Assorted Prints Merona® Women's Scoop Neck Chiffon Blouse - Assorted Prints

I'll still be rocking my assortment of chambray shirts this fall.  I have three now in three different washes.  They each give a different look.  Look for one that is relaxed, long enough in the tail, and looks good with cuffed sleeves.  This staple will take you all the way through spring.

Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Long Sleeve Denim Button Down Top - Assorted Colors

I have quite a collection of cardigans.  Okay.  I lied.  I have an ENORMOUS amount of cardigans.  But, when you find a look that works for you, you go with it!  They are so versatile and just adding a new seasonal color refreshes the old staples in your closet.  A very affordable way to freshen your look!

Here are the colors I've snagged for the season.  Now if Atlanta would just realize it' fall...we're getting there.

Merona® Women's Ultimate Crewneck Cardigan Sweater - Assorted Prints

I know.  I might be part cheetah.  Trust I won't put all the pieces together in one outfit!  It's a staple I tell you.  A staple!  Leopard always circles back around...

Merona® Women's Ultimate V-Neck Cardigan Sweater - Solids Merona® Women's Ultimate V-Neck Cardigan Sweater - Solids

If these colors don't say fall, I don't know what does.  Love them!

Now, I have tops pretty well figured out, but I've been feeling the need for some really good jeans.  My friend swears by Not Your Daughter's Jeans, so a trip to Nordstrom may be in my future.  Oh wait!  We just had to replace the entire back end of the Mister's car.  Guess I'll have to make some more sales on ebay before that happens!!

          NYDJ 'Alina' Stretch Skinny Jeans (Regular & Petite)

Later we'll talk accessories.  You know I love to accessorize!

What are you wearing for fall?  Coming up I'll show you what Little will be wearing.  Can he just stay small forever so he can keep wearing cute clothes...that I pick out???


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