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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Playroom

I really don't know what we would do without our playroom.  I know.  There would be toys, markers, scraps of construction paper, and books all over my house.  That's right.
I realize everyone doesn't have the space for a playroom and so I give gratitude everyday that we do.  I've hesitated sharing the space becuase I'm ALWAYS changing things around to make it perfect, but you know I'm trying to learn that nothing is ever perfect.  And I personally love seeing people's changes over time on blogs.  At this moment there is spackle on the wall I still need to paint.  From June.  Yep.

This is the door decal.  Just a little something I bought when Big Man and I were first married.  When I though my whole house should be yellow and blue and red.  Can you tell I was an elementary school teacher?

This is looking in from the door.  We used navy on the bottom of the wall and hopsack (Sherwin Williams) to stripe the top.  I used to have a red stripe above the navy and then I hand stenciled circles (like the ones on the curtains) around the room.  It drove me crazy so one day I painted a big, thick stripe to cover it all.

I used some free printable art from Pinterest and framed it in Ikea frames.  Although this is a little boy's playroom, I wanted to bring some of the feel of the rest of the house. 
I love the look of built-ins, but couldn't commit to "real ones" since this is an ever evolving room.  Instead, I used closet organizing pieces from Target we already had and I painted a cubby organizer I used to have in my classroom.  It turned out great and gave us oodles of storage.
I will share the labled bins and how we organize our toys in another post.  Believe me, this is still something I have to tackle every few months.  Does anyone else's toys seems to breed over night?

This corner hosts Cocoa, our horsey, the play kitchen, and the basketball.  Should I be concerned that my son asked me if I wanted him to make me a chai, double-blended?  Maybe Mommy stops at the Target Starbucks a little too much...

The curtains are actually shower curtains from Target.  My mom made 2 big floor pillows out of the fabric too (they are inside the tent).


Excuse the terrible photo.  I was trying to get in some quick pics before naptime was over and it was a mess again.  See the spot where I need to paint?  We had floating book shelves there and then changed our minds.

Now, this corner is the "Creation Station".  I have plans to relocate the bulletin board over here and create a fun little sign for the top.

This cute little metal rack holds the drawing paper and coloring books.  An ikea spice rack perfectly fits 3 little galvinzed tubs from the Target dollar spot.  One for markers, crayons, and colored pencils.  Those will probably get labeled soon.  Nothing escapes a label around here!
Right now, our Pottery Barn chair just kind of hangs out here.  He takes it to the living room for movie night.  The art is a piece my mom made and it hung in my nursery.  It makes me smile.
Yes, that is a closet door there, but I can't show you what's behind it becuase, well, I would be shamed.  I have organized it, 100's of times, but the system isn't working.  I promise to show you some gritty before pics just as soon as I have a great "After" to follow up with!
Hope you like the space we play in the most!

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