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Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring Shoes!

Yesterday I showed you a few spring fashion finds.  Now to foot wear! Today, I'll show you the shoes I've fallen in love with...
I tend to live in flip flops from April to October around here, but I am also no stranger to heels.  Very high heels.  They just make me feel so girly!

I already have a similar pair of these in black so I knew how useful they are.  I've already worn them 3 times!

                                       Women's Merona® Marguerite Closed Wedge Canvas Espadrille -Neutral

These are also a great neutral for all your summer shorts and dresses.

                                         Women's Merona® Emilia Tall Wedge Espadrille - Khaki

Okay.  Last pair.  I promise.  These are Dr. Scholl's.  I know.  I couldn't believe it either.  It's a double bonus because they are cute and super comfy.  And striped... :)


Alright.  I lied.  One more pair.  I don't have these...yet.  But they are calling my name.  How cute would these be with boyfriend shorts and a white slouchy tee?  Do you get presents for Cinco de Mayo?


I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.  We have a baseball game, a birthday party, and a tennis match.  Hopefully I'll have a few minutes to work on some projects I have planned for around here!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Spring Wardrobe

What is it about spring that makes me want to wear all new clothes?  While it's not practical to get a whole new wardrobe every season, a few new pieces can enliven what you already have.  Here are some of my picks for this spring...

I love fun shorts, and who doesn't love gingham?!  These will go so well with a bright blue shirt, or a sunny yellow tank.


I'm a sucker for stripes and this season is not exception.  This dress will be great for a date night, or just running errands.


I'm really into bright blue right now, so I scooped up this dress as well.  It's so comfy and looks great with wedges or flats.  I may or may not have gotten it in black as well...


This shirt is so me.  Stripes, neutrals, relaxed. Love.


I just ordered these and I can't wait for them to get here!  Perfect to throw on with a cute tee this summer.


To say that I love this dress is an understatement.  It is so comfortable, but so versatile.  I've worn it to church, to preschool, to the grocery.  Must have.

                               Merona® Women's Rugby Shirt Dress - Stripes

This shirt is very versatile as well.  It looks so much better on than in the picture.  Wear it with white skinny jeans and coral sandals.  Or yellow shorts.  Or a mint green pencil skirt.  Possibilities!

                                Merona® Women's Favorite Lawn Shirt - Assorted Colors

That's just a quick little peek into some of the things I'll be wearing this spring.  What about you?  Any new finds?  Are you embracing the navy, coral, bright blue, yellow, and mint?

Tomorrow I'll show you how my feet will be dressed... :)


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DIY Piggy Bank

A certain little man of mine is completely fascinated by all things money.  This is probably helped by the fact that he finds a coin everywhere we go.  Everywhere.  If I found money the way this boy does I'd have a lot more projects to show you!

When Little Man was born, he was gifted a beautiful ceramic piggy bank with the words "count your blessings".  I loved this bank.  It was so sweet.  Little loved it as well.  Loved shaking it to get the coins to fall out of the top.

As you can imagine, this method promptly led to a broken pig.

Rather than replace the glass pig with another glass pig, I opted to use what I had to give the wee one a place to store his coins.  Here was my criteria: shatterproof, easy to get into

Enter the leftover jar from my "Handful of Everything" trail mix (sidenote: that stuff is delicious! Target if you want some!).  

I peeled off the label from the jar (definitely the hardest part) and Little helped me pick out a piece of scrapbook paper he liked.  I cut it to size and wrapped it around the jar.  The adhesive leftover from the label held it on perfectly.

Next, I created a quick label on an Avery template and popped them on the jar.

Little added his coins, and our homemade piggy bank was ready!

Now he can screw and unscrew the top as much as his little heart desires.

I do realize that this is not a long term solution.  The paper will start to curl up and may suffer some wear, but for a free option for a 4 year old, I'm happy.  Maybe when he's 5 he can be trusted with the glass dinosaur piggy bank he's fallen in love with...


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I'm Back, but it's a Sad Day

Hello my friends.  I've taken an extended hiatus from Nest and am so glad to be back.  Between vacations, birthday parties, house guests, and a stomach bug there hasn't been a single moment to blog.  I'm finally feeling some what caught up.  The bathrooms have been detoxed, laundry done, bills paid.  There's food in the refrigerator.  All is well.

Except, all doesn't feel well to some of our brothers and sisters in Boston.  Although I was not there, I have a sister-in-law who is a marathon runner and a few friends who were running this year.  Gratefully, they are all well.

At times like this, it is easy to feel like there is no good in the world.  How could there be when such violence occurs?  Looking at the news reports, it was amazing to see the good that was expressed in those moments following the blasts.  People running toward the explosion to help.

On days like yesterday, and today, and forever more, we need to recognize that the good far outnumbers the bad.  And it always will.

Keep the good alive.  Tell someone you love them today.

As you may have picked up from my first paragraph, I've been feeling a wee bit overwhelmed the past month.  In some calm moments of prayer, it has come to me to work on expressing 4 things everyday.  That may seem like a lot, but they really dovetail with each other.

Patience, meekness, love, and good deeds.

If you look up these words, you see that meekness is a form of patience.  Love requires meekness.  And you can't do good deeds without love.


Be the good you want to see.


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