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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DIY Piggy Bank

A certain little man of mine is completely fascinated by all things money.  This is probably helped by the fact that he finds a coin everywhere we go.  Everywhere.  If I found money the way this boy does I'd have a lot more projects to show you!

When Little Man was born, he was gifted a beautiful ceramic piggy bank with the words "count your blessings".  I loved this bank.  It was so sweet.  Little loved it as well.  Loved shaking it to get the coins to fall out of the top.

As you can imagine, this method promptly led to a broken pig.

Rather than replace the glass pig with another glass pig, I opted to use what I had to give the wee one a place to store his coins.  Here was my criteria: shatterproof, easy to get into

Enter the leftover jar from my "Handful of Everything" trail mix (sidenote: that stuff is delicious! Target if you want some!).  

I peeled off the label from the jar (definitely the hardest part) and Little helped me pick out a piece of scrapbook paper he liked.  I cut it to size and wrapped it around the jar.  The adhesive leftover from the label held it on perfectly.

Next, I created a quick label on an Avery template and popped them on the jar.

Little added his coins, and our homemade piggy bank was ready!

Now he can screw and unscrew the top as much as his little heart desires.

I do realize that this is not a long term solution.  The paper will start to curl up and may suffer some wear, but for a free option for a 4 year old, I'm happy.  Maybe when he's 5 he can be trusted with the glass dinosaur piggy bank he's fallen in love with...


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