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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Home Tour - The Kitchen & a Winner!

First off, thank you to everyone who entered the Rodan + Fields Giveaway.  We have a winner!

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Can you believe I haven't really shown you the kitchen yet?  I've shown you what happened when I got a wild hair and took the doors off my cabinets.  I've shown you the recent hutch swap-a-roo and my command cabinet, but where do these people eat?  Where is all of their food?  Do they even have a sink?!

Yes.  We do.  But we don't have curtains.  And I'm still figuring out decor.  And I have some nail holes to patch.  And-...well.  Okay.  I'll show you.  But you have to be nice and know that my kitchen is where it all happens.  Little Man's art winds up all over the fridge and mail breeds on my counter.  But, we love it.  And of course I hid all the mess for the photos.  You understand!

I hope you do too...

 This is the side of the kitchen with the doors on the upper cabinets.  They hold things like sippy cups, spices, and my Magic Bullet.  Can't live without that guy!

We do have a sink!  I love how sunny this window is.  You can see we need some window treatments here. I have some plans in mind...

And my coffee station.  I hate having to visit every corner of the kitchen to make a cup, so I streamline my process a bit.  Still have to hit the fridge for my caramel creamer!

This is a shot from the dining room.  There's my little artist down at the other end. :)

We have a T-iny pantry, but we somehow make it work.  I always laugh because the apartment I lived in before we got married had a pantry triple this size!

The iron diamond is where I clip up birthday party invites, thank you cards, and some of my favorite photos.

There's the hutch from before.  You may notice that the artwork is a bit different.  You're catching a sneak-peek at some of my holiday decorating.  Don't worry!  I'll show you soon!

I don't know what we would do without this easel.  It saves me when dinner time comes around and keeps tiny hands away from my food prep.  Thank you Ikea!

I found these little galvanized tubs at the Target dollar spot.  I knew they would fit in the tray perfectly and they can be labeled!  Have I ever mentioned how much I love labels and monograms?

Our table is one of the first "grownup" pieces of furniture we purchased when we moved in.  It's a long story, but I wound up taking this little gem home from the Pottery Barn Outlet for $149.  That's right.  Mama knows how to work a deal!

It has a leaf, but we prefer the closeness of the round table.  Better to wipe up those spills!  Wouldn't a round sisal rug be awesome?  Maybe in a few years...remember the aforementioned spills?

Just a little shot of our everyday dishes and cutlery.  I'm a firm believer in not saving the nice stuff for just holidays.  If you have it, get it out and use it!  It's doing you no good tucked away in a cabinet!

This is another piece that comes with a funny story.  When I was 2 days overdue with our son, I found myself at Big Lots trying to "walk him out".  I had to have this ladder shelf so I asked if I could have a discount since I was past my due date and miserable.  I don't know if they really felt for me or just wanted the grumpy whale out of the store, but they gave me the discount!

The top framed piece is our wedding invitation and the bottom is an ink drawing of the place where we got married.  This is one of my favorite stylings in our whole house.

I love this little three-basket guy.  He has been in several spots in the house, but I think he's finally found his purpose holding potatoes and onions.

The obligatory cookie jar and fruit bowl.  I just realized the irony in their placement...

This is where all the prepwork happens.  Those are the real jars my organic spices came in at my warehouse store.  Aren't they awesome!?  I promise I didn't buy them just for their packaging. ;)

Our open shelving and range live on this wall.

As you can see, it's a pretty wide kitchen, but it's not big enough for a standard size island.  I'm on the hunt for something tall enough to be a chopping block, but skinny enough so we're not running into it all the time.
Any ideas?

Then, some cute striped runners I think.

Well, there you have it.  Still a work in progress, but definitely the heart of our home.

Things to do:
window treatments
banquette seating??
butcher block island
crown molding
light fixtures?
paint cabinets???

So should I paint my cabinets white?  Just the tops?  Just the bottoms?  Not at all?  I love white cabinets, but you know the Mister.  He is not on board...yet. :)


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