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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Birthday Dreamin'

Hi there lovelies!  No, it's not my birthday, but it will be in one month.  So, I thought it fitting to share with my Mister some things I have my eye on...;)

But in all actuality, these are just some items I think are fab and I thought I'd share so you can start making your Christmas lists!  Hopefully you don't also have a birthday around Christmas....*sigh*

I know, I will be the last on the Ray Ban Wayfarer train, but I don't care!  I am a sunglasses kind of girl and these speak to me...

...as do these Ray Ban Aviators.


I drool over this bag as well.  Not going to show up under my tree or on my birthday morning at over $400, but a girl can dream!  Love me some Tory Burch.

And I think I definitely need these for puddle jumping with my Little Man!


I've been dying to go buy a pair of these for my master sitting room as well.  I have the whole room planned out around these two little Ikea chairs...

            EKTORP JENNYLUND Chair IKEA Easy to keep clean with a removable,machine washable cover.

While a few nice things are fun on your birthday, what I most want is a sunny day with my Mister and my Little Man.  And maybe some ice cream and cake.  Okay.  Definitely some ice cream and cake.

What's on your Santa list this year?  Anyone else have a December birthday?


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