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Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Halloween Aftermath

Good morning!  We are all suffering from sugar hangovers over here. 
 Repeat with me, "I will NOT eat any candy today".

We decided playing in all of our costumes was the best way to come down after an eventful Halloween week.  

How awesome is this guy?  Baby aviators?  Come on.  He was supposed to be the pilot this year, but the dragon won out.  Maybe next year...

The rooster from last year.  I love this costume.  I want one in my size.  It just looks so comfy.

                      And the dragon.  "Stomping through the woods."  His words, not mine.

It was a good Halloween, but we are now in November.  Flip your calendars, put away your jack-o-lanterns, and dust off your pilgrims and turkeys.  Time for my favorite holiday.  No gimmicks, no commercialism, just gratitude.  We can always use some of that.  (I'd be grateful if the Mister would not leave his orange shorts on the floor...just sayin')

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