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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Guest Room Progress - New Fabric

Hello there!  Little Man is still not adjusted to the time change so I've been up for awhile.  Yay for productivity!  Just a tiny touch of sarcasm there, tiny.

Well, I've been making my way through my guest room/office makeover.  Here's what I still need to do:

Bedding (new? repurpose?)
Cover footstool
Cover chair
Photo Ledge

That's A LOT!  <sigh>  I know it will get there.  I'm fighting my natural tendencies which are to go, go, go until it's done.  I'm trying to be a good wife girl and stick to a budget.  It makes it all the more interesting...and each step is so much more satisfying.

Okay.  Back to what I have done!

You'll notice "cover footstool" and "cover chair" are crossed off.  That's what I'm here to share!

I found two shower curtains at Target on super clearance.  I loved the pattern and color and went with it.  They're kind of a mustardy gold with a neat feather design.

I popped the bench seat off and opted to keep the old fabric on to pad the bench more. See my cute helper?

Then, I just pulled the fabric really tight and wrapped the bench seat like a present, using an upholstery gun as I went.  Really good DIY'ers iron their fabric first.  My mom would be horrified that I didn't.  I get in project mode and I just have to get it done.  It worked out fine, mom! :)

Really pull those corners in tight and be sure to put enough staples in.

Voila!  One bench down, one chair to go.  Much harder, but still doable.

I did the same thing with the chair cushion, however I removed the old fabric and tacks.  My Nana recovered this cushion for me a few years ago before she passed.  It was really hard to take it off, but I knew she was laughing at me saying, "go on girl! Don't be so silly".  Love her.

The corners of a chair cushion are much harder, but if you cut tiny slits in the fabric, you can get a cleaner, tighter fit.  Just work with it till you get all the bunches out.

TWO projects in one day!!  The ball is officially rolling people.  I used this same fabric to make curtains...they're not quite finished yet as I need to add some extra length.  I have some cool ideas in mind as to how to achieve this extra length.  I'll be sure to keep you posted!

Anyone recovered anything recently?  Isn't it satisfying to do something that seems so hard and makes such a change?  I've got some dining room chairs that will be my next victims project.

See you tomorrow for a new look I'm working this Fall....the sweater dress and leggings thing.  So many possibilities!


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