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Monday, November 19, 2012

Fashion Fun - Sweater Dress

Is it Monday again?  Seriously.  Where do my weekends go?  I'm happy to see some of you have entered the giveaway! Don't forget it ends tomorrow.  Enter! Someone will win.  It could be you!

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See it?  The little boxes with smiling faces? It just shows you support the blog and like what you're reading.  And if you are related to me or one of my oldest and dearest friends...you should definitely be on there.  Okay.  Guilt trip is officially over!  Thank you, thank you in advance!

Back to the post! My cousin recently got married in Virginia, and while we were there, I suddenly decided the dress I packed for the wedding was not weather appropriate.  So...I googled T.J.Maxx and found the closest one.  This is not the dress I wore to the wedding, because when I go shopping for dresses...I usually find more than one I have to have.

Here's what I did wear to the wedding (also Ralph Lauren).  These are my amazing parents. Hee hee!  I'm taller than my Daddy in those 6 inch heels!  They hurt like crazy after dancing, but girls, you know it's worth it.

This is a Ralph Lauren sweater dress and I simply love it.  I wasn't too sure I could pull it off, but with my favorite riding boots and simple hair, it's much more me.

The great thing about Atlanta is our mild descent into Winter.  I just played a tennis match last weekend and actually got hot!  The sleeveless sweater dress is a nod to the cooler temps, but keeps me from "melting like a snowcone in Phoenix" (Mrs. Doubtfire...anyone?).

I paired this cute little jacket from Target to give a little juge of color and pattern.

 As you can see, I still haven't mastered the art of fashion photos, but I get to spend Thanksgiving with my awesome sis so I will put her to work behind the lens!

Isn't she adorable?  Look at that mane!

This is my version of a face she makes all the time :)


Can't wait to see you Rox!
(Her name is Anna, but we never use each other's real names.  How would that be any fun?!)

Is everyone getting ready for the holiday?  Do you have your turkey yet?  Don't forget to thaw it out!!!


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