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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Kitchen Swap-a-Roo Reveal!

On Friday I showed you a new accessory I picked up from the Nate Berkus line at Target.  It is like a little cherry on top of a kitchen change-up I'm loving!

Here is what stood behind our kitchen table and chairs for 6 years...It's a great piece, but with the changes I've made in the living room, it was feeling very black and dark in this kitchen corner.

So...the black hutch went up to my master bathroom...and I stole this gorgeous antique out of our nursery.  It was just what the kitchen needed to tie together with the living room!

The living room, although things have changed since this photo

Isn't it just divine?  I love the little scalloped edge, the rich color and the fact that it stores away my out of control collection of white serving pieces.  The black hutch gave us much needed storage in the bathroom and this piece is finally out on display, where it should be.

There's my cute little frame sitting next to a pair of mercury glass jugs I picked up at Kohl's for a major steal.

I watched this mirror at Target for several weeks and when it got down to $8.93 I pounced! Can't beat that and I love the mixture of metal happening up there.

I used to have black iron sconces on either side of the black hutch, but all of a sudden they were looking very dated to me.  Does that ever happen to you?  I wanted something tailored and streamline, but something that also represents who we are as a family...

Enter Little Man's original artwork.  I'm a sucker for his drawings and this is such a fun way to display them. He could not be prouder!

The bottom one is me holding a balloon.  I LOVE it!

The toddler art really adds an element of color to my neutral scheme.  And, it just makes me happy!

I'll try and get a straight-on photo for you, but there is a table and chairs and light fixture in front of this wall.  You don't want to see my first attempts at photographing it!

Coming up next week I will take you on a full kitchen tour.  I know, contain your excitement!  Just kidding!  The kitchen is always my favorite room to snoop in.  I love seeing how other people make the heart of the home reflect their style.

Now, I don't have my curtains finished and things are still taking shape since the re-decorating began, but I owe you all at least a few shots of our eatery.  And I know you will all reserve judgement!


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  1. Sara: I just LOVE the antique hutch in the kitchen. It looks so great with the dark cabinets, and gives the kitchen a rustic look (I mean that in a good way!!) Too bad you don't have a fireplace in there. That would be way cool!!


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