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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Living Room - Getting New Bones

Well, if you haven't read my diatribe about "The Great Couch Fiasco of 2012", you can catch that here.  If you have, then I know you're itching to see the new addition...

Can we just take a minute.

Absolute perfection.  I'm in love.  Every morning, whilst feeding the wee one breakfast, I gaze at my new sofa and smile.  It has transformed the space and inspired an entirely new feel to our home. 

I've been changing out pillows, paint colors, and accessories for a while, but sometimes you can't truly accomplish the change you're after if the bones aren't right.  Meaning, the big pieces of furniture everything else is revolved around. 

See, we started with "Jolly Green" (the old, ruined couch) and "Big Red", a build-it-youself couch I had in my first apartment.  That's right.  The Christmas Express rolled right through our living room everyday.  But it was okay.  I had red and green accessories, black accents.  It was a whole thing.  But then that ship sailed and I was beyond ready for a break from the marriage to red and green.  Sorry guys, I still love you, but I'd like to see other colors now.  No hard feelings?

Long story short, we had a little bone replacement around here and we couldn't be happier about it!

What's that?  You want more pics?  Well okay!

I know those of you who know our home have spied some other changes in there as well.  I'll get to those in another post.  Things, they are a changin'!  But this post is completely devoted to my new love.  Some things really are worth the wait.

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