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Monday, September 10, 2012

Down with the Doors!

While I've been perusing the blogosphere and my fav home mags, I've picked up on a little trend.  Open shelving.  At first, I thought there was no way this slightly OCD neat freak could handle having to look at what's behind my cupboard doors, but this weekend I took the plunge. 

And...I'm loving it!

Now, I don't have a before I can put my hands on right now.  But, just picture some doors on there and you've got the idea.  Pretty cool, huh?

Nevermind the paint supplies and slowcooker.  I'm a multi-tasking sort of gal!

I've been dying to paint my cabinets white forever, but my Mister said, "no way".  I decided the next best thing was to get out a screwdriver and create a light, airy feeling of white cabinetry with, well, less cabinetry!

Don't think that's what it looked like behind those doors right away.  I spent a couple hours relocating all the spices, food storage containers, and general "gar-bahge" that accumulates in a kitchen.

Alright, you get the idea.  I am just so tickled with the outcome!  And the best part?  When I change my mind in a few months (weeks? years?) I can just whip those doors back on.  Now that's the kind of change I can believe in!

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