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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kiddie Thank You Notes

It's never too early to learn the art of being a gracious gift recipient.  In the past, I have written my son's thank you notes for him, but he's ready to be involved now.

I picked up these cute little cards back in October (I know, crazy!) and I knew they would be just perfect for teaching how and why we send a thank you.

Of course, I will do the bulk of the writing, but he can write his name and I'm sure he will want to contribute his two cents!

Do you have your kids send thank yous?  What method do you use?  Email, handwritten?

I'm super excited to share my holiday look with you tomorrow!  I slipped about the hairdo I rocked to one of our parties this year.  It was a smash and it was pretty easy.  Check back tomorrow!!


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