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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Craft - Felt Tree for Tiny Hands

Hi there, friends!  If you're popping in from Cassie's, welcome!  I hope you'll stay a while!

Today I'm sharing a little crafty we did this weekend for our boy.  He is in the destructo phase of toddlerhood (I'm assuming this is a normal phase for all toddlers, so please don't correct me if I'm wrong...;) so in order to spare the tree, I took a page from Pinterest and made this little beaut just for him.

It took all of 10 minutes and was a fun family activity.  I got everything for the project at Michael's.  You'll need a large piece of green felt and several sheets of colored felt.  Just grab what feels right!  I got one of each shade and may go back for more.  We had too much fun coming up with ideas for "ornaments"!

 Now, crafting a T-Rex out of felt and scissors was no easy feat, but it put a smile on Little Man's face.  Never mind it's missing an arm and a leg...

Make some triangles.  Go for squares!  A traffic light?  Yes!  It's all allowed on this tree.  (Mommy's a little OCD about our real tree.)

To hang the tree, I just stuck a few command strips on the back and found a wall in my house that had enough space.  Voila!  Easy-peasy.

 How do you manage little hands at your house around the holidays?  Have you been crafting around your abode?  Do share!


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