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Friday, December 28, 2012

Fashion Fun - Gray Fedora

It has really cooled off here.  Meaning, we finally have to put coats on! Now, I've always been a hat girl, but pulling off a winter hat in Hotlanta can be kind of a challenge.  I spied this gray polka dot fedora at Target and I had to have it!  Right?

When you wear a hat, I think it's always a good idea to keep your hair pretty simple.  Well, really everything else should be simple.  Makeup, jewelry, clothes.  A hat definitely has a lot to say so you don't want too many other things trying to yell over each other.  Your clothes and accessories talk too, right?

I love a messy side knot with a fedora.  It balances the structure of the hat and doesn't make you look too "done up".

I paired this hat with gray skinnies, a white button down, and a boyfriend cardigan.  Simple, simple.

As you can see, this pic is from a month ago (I assure you I did not leave my pumpkins on the porch for Christmas!).  I had so many things to post for Christmas it got buried.

Sad, sad plants.  They were ending their lifespan...

Have you been donning any jaunty caps lately?  I'll be sure to share a few more hat looks throughout the season.  Got to make winter fun somehow!

I hope everyone had a restful holiday.  Hurry and finish those lingering things on your 2012 checklist.  
2013 is a comin'!


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