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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Mantle 2012

If you hopped over from Ten June, thanks for coming!  Take a look around at what keeps me out of trouble busy...

Our house is looking pretty festive!  I love when all the decorations are finally up, the presents are purchased, the house is clean, and I feel in control of my crazy calendar.  Oh wait.  That has happened yet.  Oh, well!  I can still enjoy what is finished, and today, it's our mantle.

I kept things pretty simple this year with a gold, silver, and garland and pinecone theme. I was going for a rustic meets glitzy kind of vibe...

The candle holders are from Pottery Barn.  I love how they talk with the mercury glass jugs on my kitchen hutch.

Little Man and I took a nature walk and collected pinecones in the neighborhood.  I was all aflutter about my free decor until tiny spiders started crawling out.  Yikes!  A good shake outside and we're back in business...I hope.

I've had this metal star forever, but it hasn't always been gold.  Yep.  Spray paint to the rescue!

The silver tree is the smaller member of a 3-tree set.  The large and medium trees are on our landing.  It adds just the right amount of glitz and a great texture.

The garland was an after Christmas steal from Target a few years ago.  I don't think I can ever go back from pre-lit.  So. Easy.

The stockings are also from Pottery barn.  I was drooling over the cream colored ones this year, but couldn't justify buying a whole new set just to change my color scheme.  Now if something were to happen to the red ones...Just kidding Mister!

I honestly can't remember where this wreath came from.  I think it was an antique shop near me that went out of biz a few years ago.  This wreath has made appearances all over our house!

(Can't show you the other side of the room right now because it's covered in wrapping paper and felt...Don't ask.)

 How's your to-do list looking?  Let's all agree to throw the list out the window and enjoy The Grinch snuggled on the couch with our loves.  At least till tomorrow...


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  1. Love your mantel. Makes me want to restyle mine! Happy Holidays!




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