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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Painted Pumpkins - Part 1

Hello Lovelies!

 I hope everyone's week is off to a fab start.  Lots of rain the past few days around here, but that's okay.  Perfect crafting weather!

Little Man and I decided to make a pumpkin to bring a little Fall to his space.  We think it turned out pretty cute, but you can be the judge.

We picked up a few white craft pumpkins from Michaels...and of course, more paint.  Because you can NEVER have enough color options!

Don't you just LOVE art supplies?!  They make me so happy.  The colors!  The utensils!

Japh decided a nice manly stripe was the way to go, so that's what we did.  It took about 3 coats to give it an opaque look.

I know some of you are tapers, but I decided to freehand my lines.  I love the product of people who tape, but blame it on the artist in me, I just have to dive in!

My favorite art supply...a cute helper!

"Hmmm.  Which color should I grab and steal before Mommy can stop me?"

Oh!  I can't get this picture to rotate!  How do you do that?  Leave a comment and let me know!

We added 2 thin red stripes to give it a little more interest.

We finished it off with a few navy polka dots inbetween the stripes and a monogram, because, let's be honest, is there anything that isn't better with a monogram?

I'd personalize my dog if I could.  Hmmm.....

It's sitting on his dresser right now and we are loving the touch of fall.  And I am loving that it still keeps with the decor.  I love fall colors, but I get a little nauseated with too much craft pumpkin orange.  You understand right?

A fun and cute little project that we can take out again next year.  Score!

Anyone else painted any pumpkins lately?  Did you see the cover of BH&G?  Now there was some work with the painter's tape!

Stay tuned for Painted Pumpkins Part 2.  I'll give you a hint...argyle.

Have a grateful day!


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