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Friday, October 5, 2012

Sneak-Peek ! A Hallway Makeover

Happy Friday everyone!

I am knee deep in yet another project around here.  Why do them one at a time when you can juggle 7?!

On a whim last year, I decided it would be awesome to give the back wall of our upstairs landing/hallway a pop of color. 

 No.  Not a good idea.  Don't ask me why I thought green was going to be the color. It's not a terrible color, but our hallway is not giant and it instantly made it seem like a cave. Ugh.

So....I decided to class it up by adding some wainscoting around the entire hallway.  I've already done the painting, but the biggest challenge for me is going to be the carpentry work.  Seeing as how I've never done carpentry work, I think the guys in orange over at Home Depot are going to be new best buds. 

Here is a pic of the first few coats of edging.  Yes, I said "few".  This green did NOT want to be covered.

I have another surprise up my sleeve for this little hallway.  Check back soon to see the big reveal!  Are you as excited as me??!!

Enjoy your weekend!  And if you've been reading (thank you, thank you!!!), please become a follower.  I'd love to get to know my new friends!

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