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Friday, October 26, 2012

Home Binder - Parts VIII, IX, X - Kids, Info, Projects

Happy Friday!  Last weekend before Halloween is upon us!  Have you gotten your candy yet?

I'm wrapping up the Home Binder mini series today by combining sections 8, 9, and 10.  Next week we have to focus on Halloween, right?!

If you haven't seen any of the other Home Binder posts, please start here.  We're happy you found us!

Section 8 for me is dedicated to my son.  In this section I keep the list of his classmates and their parent's names/numbers, snack schedule,etc.  I also keep a sheet to record all of the hilarious things he says.  I usually clip it to the fridge so I remember to jot stuff down, and keep old ones in the binder.

The "Info" section is just that, info.  I keep a log for each of our cars' maintenance and one for our home appliances.  Any other items that cross my path and have to do with general home information also get punched and placed in this binder (insurance, health care stuff).  If I had to dash quickly, this binder would help me access everything I needed.

The last section of the binder is one I reference frequently..."Projects".  This section houses my "plans" for home projects, as well as a running list of things we want to tackle.  When we have a few minutes on the weekend, I look at this list and those minutes are quickly filled!

If you are wanting any of these printables (or any of the other ones featured in this mini series), be sure to check out Clean Mama's Printables.  She has offered all of my readers 20% off her entire shop!  Just become a follower of this blog and use promo code 20NESTYOURBEST.

Hope you feel inspired to get that binder going.  I waited forever to make one and I wish I hadn't waited so long.  It's really been such a life saver....and it's not that hard!  Especially when you have great printables that work for you.

Have a great weekend lovelies!  I'll be back next week to share my Little Man's costume, my Halloween Tablescape, and what the Mister and I wore to the costume party.


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