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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Get Sparkly and Fresh!

Hi All!  I just have to share this amazing lady's blog.  She's called, "Clean Mama" and she breaks it down and cleans it out!

This month, she's doing a "31 Days to a Clean House" project (with a free printable) and I am LOVING it!!!  You just take one simple task everyday...like vacuuming the edges of your carpet.  You know, where all the dog hair, dust, crumbs, and little bugs accumulate?

I've been staring at my carpets all night!

She also has an Etsy shop called Clean Mama Printables.  I use them in my household management binder (which I will show you soon!).  Just today I got the Blogger's Kit.

Too soon?  Am I really a "blogger" yet?  Who knows.  It's a printable for organization so I had to have it...natch.

Anywho.  Becky (that's Clean Mama) is the go to gal for all things clean, so check her blog and shop out.  And BTW, she did NOT ask me to say any of this, nor does she even know who I am!  I'm just a firm believer in things that work and help me run a better home.

You know what they say..."when mama's happy..."

Enjoy! :)

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