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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Home Binder - Part IV - Finances

We are cruising right along on in our quest for the perfect Home Binder!  If you are just joining us, be sure to start here

So far we have organized a binder with dividers and sections, created a spot for all of our calendars, and tackled the job of meal planning.  Today I will share a bit on how I organize our finances.

We are budgeters in our house.  Every two weeks, when pay checks come in, we sit down and determine how much we need for groceries, gas, school, tennis, entertainment, etc.  I like to use cash for all of these things (excluding gas, because I like to pay at the pump!).  It helps me keep from overspending and helps me keep track of our discretionary money.  If the cash flow is low for that week, no out to eat.  It's pretty simple.

I tried using envelopes for my cash, but I couldn't handle all of that in my purse.  Instead, I keep the cash for groceries on one side of my wallet (it has 2 sides) and cash for everything else on the other.  I never thought this method would work for me, but it really does make me think about everything I purchase. 

Once again, I use Clean Mama Printables for this section of my binder.  Be sure and check her Etsy shop out!  Right now, she is offering my readers 20% off her entire shop with the code 20NESTYOURBEST!  

This is a blank Monthly Budget sheet.  This is where we plan out how much we need for each category  forecast bills, etc.  I showed a blank one for obvious reasons!  It's nice to see on one page where everything is going.  You can even have a few months printed out at a time to forecast expenses.

This checklist makes sure I've paid each bill each month.  Let's face it.  Lots of things come across my desk.  Kiddie art, calendars, fliers, receipts, junk mail.  I like to make extra sure I've scheduled each bill when I'm budgeting.

Here is a sheet we use to keep track of our savings.  I love how it has multiple spots so you can save for different things...Christmas, vacation, armchairs for the sitting room, just sayin'!

 I highly recommend checking out Becky's Budget Kit in her Etsy shop.  There are more printables to keep your money on track.

Don't forget...Becky has graciously offered Nest Your Best readers 20% off her entire shop!!!  Use the code 20NESTYOURBEST, you'll be so happy you did! :)

Well, we have a few more stops on this train, but I'm taking a little pause on the Home Binder mini series tomorrow.  Come check out the new wreath I fashioned for the front door.  It was ridiculously easy and cute as a button...or should I say, pumpkin???  You'll have to wait and see!

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