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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Home Tour - Little Man's Bath

The next stop on the Home Tour is my little guy's bathroom.  I wanted something that spoke to my toddler, but didn't scream "This is a kid's bathroom!!!", as this is also the guest bathroom upstairs.

The paint color is one of my all time faves...Dutch Tile Blue from Sherwin Williams.  It is such a calming color, but also blue for my little boy.

On our project list is to makeover the mirror, light fixture, and sink fixture, so try to see into the future!

Aside from a mountain of bathtoys and some adorable hooded towels (can they make these for adults please!?), this is the only ode to kids in the space.  My son loves whales, well, I love whales, so I forced my love upon him too.  How cool are whales?!  I used canvases from Michaels, craft paint, and some of the wall paint so the blues would match perfectly.  I also trimmed them in grosgrain ribbon to give a more finished look.  I'm really happy with how they turned out and my son loves it!

My sweet friend, Liz has an embroidery business (The Gingham Turtle).  She monogrammed this little hand towel for me.  It goes perfectly over the green Pottery Barn towels.

I am in no way a spokesperson for PB, but I just have to take a minute and praise their bath towels.  They are such great quality, super absorbent, and come in fun colors.  Go get yourself a set...or put it on your Christmas list!

My Mister actually built this piece as anniversary gift for me a few years ago.  Can you tell I love home projects?  Would anyone else think this was an awesome gift?!

It holds bubble bath, rash cream, baby lotion, etc.  You know, all that baby stuff you can't live without.

The little galvanized tub is from the Target Dollar Spot and holds rolled up washcloths.

This second little tub was actually part of a gift I received when I was a teacher.  I knew it would come in handy some day!  It holds hand soap, "magic soap" (hand sanitizer), toothbrush/paste.  When we have guests, I just take this tub into our master bath so we can take care of the little guy's routine in our bathroom.  Easy-peasy!

The aforementioned hooded towels.  I just love these and will be so sad the day my guy outgrows them...

They are hanging on silver command hooks I attached to the door.

The vanity in this bathroom is quite large considering the rest of the space.  This end of the counter holds the obligatory cotton balls and Q-tips.  I also added a lamp and turn it on when we have guests for a softer glow.  I love lamps in a bathroom.  Anyone else?

Man!  Bathrooms are so hard to photograph.

A: There is no natural light in here
B: There usually so small it's hard to get a feel for how the space really looks/feels
C: It's hard to keep yourself out of the pictures!

I went with a basic white shower curtain with a bit of texture.  I like bathrooms to feel very open, uncluttered and clean.  The silver hooks add just a touch of whimsy, after all, it is a child's bathroom!

Well, hope you picked up some ideas you can use!  I'll be sure to update when we check the mirror, light fixture, and faucets off our list!

Towels (hooded and regular): Pottery Barn/Pottery Barn Kids
Step Stool: Target
Galvanized Tub (oval): Target
Galvanized Tub (circle): gift
Art Work: DIY
Shower Curtain/Hooks: Target
Lamp: ?? Had since college!
Kleenex Holder: Ikea
Towel Bars/Ring: Home Depot
Paint: Dutch Tile Blue, Sherwin Williams


  1. Like the cotton balls and Q-tip holders. Where can I get them?

    1. Thank you! I think they were a Target or Walmart find from several years ago. But they have similar things now. Thanks for posting!


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