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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Home Binder - Part II - Calendars

Hi Y'all!  I hope you have your binder and dividers!  If you missed the intro on how to get started with a Home Binder, be sure to start here.

Yesterday, we talked about dividing a big binder into different labeled sections.

Today we are talking dates. You know, the zillion places you have to be any given day of the week?  Soccer?  Ballet?  Book club?  A girl's got to have a place to keep it all together!


As I'm sure you could guess, this is where I stash the various calendars my family encounters.  You have your basic family calendar, the preschool calendar, the tennis team practice calendar, the church calendar, etc.  Under this tab, I can cross-check all of these in one spot and keep our kitchen calendar up to date.

You know you love to have a pretty one on display!

Here is the family calendar I keep in the front.

This sheet lists my tennis team practice rotation.  This would be where you could also keep your kids' sports, club calendars.

This is also where I tuck the monthly preschool calendar we get.  It's nice to see when show-and-tell will be and what week we are responsible for snack while I'm updating the family calendar.  I also have a copy of my week's workouts in this section to help keep me on track.

Alright!  We covered calendars!  

Hole punch those sheets of paper that are covering your fridge and pop them in your fresh binder.  Put all the necessary information on one pretty calendar you keep out for a daily reminder.  

You are on your way to organized bliss!

See you tomorrow for "Meal Planning", my personal fav!

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