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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tackling Paper - Day 1

I'm going to start by saying I did not want to do this blog post.  Not because I don't love y'all and want to chat with you, but because I. AM. AFRAID.

I'm afraid of my filing drawer and the madness that it contains.  Actually it's all it shouldn't contain that really terrifies me.

Here's a startling confession.  I haven't cleaned out my filing drawer since 2008.  Yep.  Slightly OCD, over-achiever, neat-freak missy over here hasn't touched the filing drawer since before Little Man was cookin'.

I'm ashamed.  And that is why we are doing this first.

That's my drawer.  Don't let it fool you.  I poked it and this is what happened.

Now, I don't want to overwhelm you, so here's how it's going to go down.  Take today and just take everything out of you desk, drawer, box, cabinet.  Whatever it is you keep your papers in.  You know you have them stashed away somewhere...and you know they could look a whole lot prettier.

Take it all out and lay it all over the floor.  Preferably do this on a weekend morning when your significant other can mind the children for a bit.

Next, play my toddler's favorite game...matching.  Put the water bills together in a stack.  Take all the insurance paperwork and put it in a pile.  DO NOT clean them out as you go!  You will wind up with paper everywhere, a sore back, and no idea where you started or left off!

Here are a few ideas as to what types of piles you should have:

credit cards 
Tax Documents
Home (break it down into each category you need, repairs, warranties...)
??? (this is the pile for things that don't really have a home yet)
Trash (put it all in a can or bag, but don't pitch it until later)

Now turn off the light, close the door and walk away.  That's it for today.


This is a big job and I promise you, it will be less scary tomorrow.  What started as a hunk of junk, will look somewhat recognizable when you walk in tomorrow to neat, categorized stacks.

Remember what we said about doing less and playing more?

Good work!  I'll see you tomorrow.


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