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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Blog Update and a New Project

Hi Guys!  I didn't forget about you yesterday.  I'm having major issues with the photo uploader on Blogger.  Is anyone else having a problem?

I select my pics and then the whole computer locks up and I have to shut it down and restart.  It makes getting a post written a wee bit difficult to say the least!

Bear with me.  Hopefully Blogger will fix it soon.  Did you hear that Blogger?  Fix it!

You already know I've been working on our master sitting room, doing some updates to the playroom, and making over our office/guest room, so why not add just one more project?  What happens is, I get to a stand still on a current redo and then start a new one...Hopefully I'm not the only one this happens to.

Our laundry room has always been tidy and neat, but it's been lacking in the style department.  I mean, it's a laundry room.  There's a reason it's been at the bottom of my list.

I wish I had a before, before to show you.  Imagine that the washer was pushed up against the dryer.  That's how it was.  Then, I realized that if I moved the washer over, I could fit an Ikea expedit in the space with oodles of storage.  THEN, I realized that I have these awesome cubbies that keep moving from space to space as we need them.  They fit perfectly!

However, the black was looking a little ominous, so I headed to Home Depot for a few (4) cans of Almond spray paint.  It matches the appliances perfectly!

As you can see, the cubbies are slightly raised from the floor.  This is due to the metal tray the washing machine sits in.  In order to balance it out, I put a few books under it near the dryer.  This is very high tech.  All the pros do it...

I don't have my after pics ready for you yet (because I can't get them loaded!!!), but here are a few teasers before the big reveal.

Can't wait to share the after with you!  I'm really loving the cheery space.  And anyone with children knows you spend a lot of time in the laundry room, so it better be cheery!

I haven't forgotten about my other unfinished projects.  I really have been busy!  This little comic sums up my decorating style to a T...

I'll have something to show for it soon!



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