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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sitting Room Update - Lamps

Well, we've been cruising along in our quest for a quiet little spot to read or catch up on tivo'd shows.  So far we've put in some "built-ins" and I've shared some finds for my new bookcases here and here.  But that's not all.  I've been a busy bee over here!

The long dresser in our bedroom turned out to be the perfect spot to hold the tv.  I just had Mister put in a new cable outlet for me, and we were in business!  Because you know you can't let the builders decide where your tv should live! Please.

As we started using our new little spot, the black iron lamps I had started to drive me crazy.  I couldn't focus on Burn Notice because I kept thinking about what would look better.  Now I couldn't let that keep happening, right?

So, I flipped through my newest Pottery Barn catalog, then headed off to Target to get the look for less.  You know you do it too.  And if you don't...I'm jealous. :)

Voila!  I knew something glass would be just the thing.  I already had the shades from the previous lamps, so it was a pretty easy switch.  I have great plans of filling them with ornaments come December.  Easter eggs in April!  Fireworks in July!  Too much?  Maybe I'll just keep them clear.

Things are starting to take shape.  I'm still in shock that we have actually brought my vision to life.  It's like having a whole new room in our house!  I urge you, if there's a section of your home that you aren't using, brainstorm other ways to use the space.  You're paying for it!

Maybe your dining room could be a study.  The guest room, a huge dressing room (I tried that one on Mister, it's a no go over here).  The sky's the limit!  Use it for you because that's who it's for.

And one more shot because I'm so in love with my lamps and my new room!

There's a little peek at how the bookshelves have been taking shape.  I'll share more on that later!

Have a splendid day, lovelies!


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