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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Idea Board Clips

I love to look at pictures of the people I love while I work.  It makes the mundane job of paying bills more happy.

Although my Idea Board is for just that, ideas I've clipped, right now it is showing off some great pics of my fam.  I really don't like to push pins through my photos so I dreamed up a little project to solve this problem and still get my smiling faces on the board.

Walmart had little packs of tiny clothespins.  I knew they would be perfect for holding up a picture, however, they had no pins to adhere to the peg board, and they were a little plain jane.

No problem!  I gave the pins some love with a little craft paint.  I stuck with a navy, white, and mustard theme to compliment my office colors.

I painted each pin white first.  Then, I went back over with navy or yellow to make my rugby stripes.  No measuring here!  Just eyeball it.

Then, after the paint dried, I hot glued a thumb tack to the back of each pin.

Not only are my fav pictures on display, but the cute little pushpins add another layer of character and fun to this evolving room.

I love how it turned out!  Really simple, cheap, and very useful.  My favorite kind of project.

Grab a pack of pins and make a set!  I have another set serving a different purpose to share with you later...



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