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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Office Idea Board

Have you ever started a project, only to have it lead you in an entirely different direction than you anticipated?

That's what happened to me when I set out to just cover Little's playroom peg board with some fabric.  A drop cloth and 200 thumb tacks later, and I have a new Idea Board for my Office!

Here's how it happened...

We were playing a rousing game of "Dinosaur Stomp" (Little's creation) when I just couldn't take the unsightly peg board anymore.  I mean really, a 3 year-old and push pins?  What was I thinking?!

So, I yanked it down and decided to cover it with some pretty fabric since his artwork will soon be moving to a new and awesome location (to be announced at a later time!).

I had a leftover Home Depot drop cloth from my curtain project, so I ironed it up...

and stapled that sucker on the bulletin board.

Well, that didn't look finished, so I whipped out a few boxes of thumb tacks I had lying around.

Wow!  It actually looked really good.  And way too grown up for a playroom. I could just see the pile of thumb tacks after Little was alone with it for 5 minutes... Hmmmm.....

So, the giant, weathered chalkboard that I LOVE (which I don't think I've shown you yet), was relocated to the playroom and the new and improved Idea Board found its home in my office.  I really feel like I'm in a Restoration Hardware catalogue when I sit at my desk.  So dreamy.  So modern, yet so traditional.  Perfectly me.

Not bad for an impromptu, no cost project, eh?

Tomorrow I'll share how I'm "pinning" up things to my new cute board.  Also, a really cheap and easy project.  I'm sensing a theme around here...

See you then!


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