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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Mister

Ha ha ha ha!

Today is my Mister's 30th Birthday.  He reads my blog everyday (isn't he cute) so I had to give him a little shout out.

Dear Mister,

 Thanks for being my number one fan, putting up with my chronically chilly hands and feet, patiently playing mixed doubles with me, never agreeing with me when I complain about my hips/thighs/hair/insert anything, being the handyman for my home projects, and mowing the lawn (I tried, not my bag).


 Thanks for being the greatest Daddy ever, an awesome Netflix partner (even though you fall asleep during every movie we've ever watched ;), the guy who does the taxes, and my nightly ice cream scooper.


 Thanks for putting up with my endless search to find where you are ticklish (everyone is somewhere!), dancing with me at wedding receptions when I know you'd rather be anywhere else, and reading Harry Potter aloud with me.  You've got a mean Professor Snape voice.


 You're such a great partner, but most of all, my best friend...even though Little told me that your his best friend...You're so popular!


 Now quit complaining. I'm older than you and it's not that bad. ;)

 I love you, T-III.


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