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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Some Pinterest Projects

Hi lovelies!  It has been downright nasty weather around here.  Enough to make me want to paint my kitchen again!  Just kidding.  Kind of.

What else can you do on a rainy day except peruse Pinterest and bake cookies?  Little and I also played a mean game of Cootie.  That game has really progressed since my day.  My little lady had a top hat on!  I digress.

Here are a few things I'm putting on my to do list, stat.  Maybe you'll want to join me and we can all share our creations??  Hopefully some of these will spark something in you too...

I feel like I've fallen into the black sweater and leggings rut this winter.  I headed over to the P to try and get out and boy did I find some fun alternatives!

Can I just have her hair?!  Seriously beautiful. Not exactly playground appropriate, but fun for a lunch date...


I love this look.  Still a sweater and leggings, but why not different colors?  So doing this.

love the cable knit over plaid
Love the plaid!  You know we all have skinnies and a cable knit already.  Just pop a plaid underneath...
navy stripes and mustard cardigan.
Love the colors here.  This is another one I'll be trying post haste!

After your deliciously dressed, throw on a cute apron and whip up some of these finds...

turkey and spinach meatballs- HEALTHY MEATBALLS (I made these and my family INHALED them!) :)

How yummy do these look?  I'm thinking of making a bunch and freezing for quick meals.  Meatball Monday?

Picture of Old-Time Beef Stew Recipe

Now, this is a grainy pic, but all this rain has me wanting to curl up to a big bowl of beef stew.  How yummy.  And how yummy your house will smell.  Thanks Paula Deen!

Banana Toffee Scones - easy banana toffee scones that taste like banana bread @brucrewlife #scones #bananabread

Nothing makes me want a warm, home baked dessert more than winter.  These look divine.  And I bet they smell divine too.

Brownie Pudding (If I don't repin this, one day I'll want it and not be able to find it.)

Stop. It.  I can't.  This is just too good looking.  This will be made this weekend.  I have a brand new container of vanilla Blue Bell...jealous? ;)

Now that my belly is nice and full, how about some crafties?

DIY Polka Dot Mugs - gold sharpie, bake at 350 for 30 min and let cool in oven

I actually got all the supplies to do this.  Coming soon!  Cannot wait to have my own little gold mug.  Mine may sport something a little different than polka dots...

State printables
I'm also planning a mini playroom face lift and these printables may make an appearance...

And after I craft it up, I'll dream of creating a few spaces like these...

We'd love to work from this charming kitchen workspace. See more ideas:  http://www.bhg.com/kitchen/storage/organization/new-kitchen-storage-ideas/

black door + boxwood wreath

golds, creams, blues

Ahhhh.  Don't you just feel more relaxed after looking at all these beautiful things?  I feel ready to finish off some of my to-do list so I can share my afters with you!

I've got a lot of fun things coming up.  Get excited!  We've been making some serious progress around this casa.  Just waiting for a sunny day to snap some photos.  The forecast doesn't leave me hopeful...

Until next time, friends!


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