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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sitting Room Sneak-Peek!

If you know me, then chances are you've heard about my plans for our sitting room.  I've had my dream idea in my head forever and the past few months I've been able to take some big strides toward accomplishing my dream.

Today is just a little taste.  Anticipation is part of the fun, right?

Over the holidays, my Mister and father-in-law assembled some Billy Bookcases for me.  If you're not familiar with the Billy from Ikea, you should meet.  They come in many different heights and finishes and can help a achieve a built-in look without the built-in price.

I've been collecting things for months to make my vision come to life.  When the bookcases arrived, it was go time!

The baskety table was a find from T.J. Maxx and I love it!  It adds a great texture to the space and warmth next to the white bookcases.  You'll see...

Here's one Billy up and ready for action!

And the pair.  Now when I measured (twice) to make sure the bookcases would fit on either side of the window, I failed to take in to account the window sill and the baseboards...

Don't let this happen to you.  Or, your Mister and FIL will have to make a Home Depot run on Christmas Eve to acquire a Japanese handsaw and take off part of the window sill so the bookcases fit.  Just a hypothetical...

As you can see, I like to make a huge mess before I put things together.  I can assure you, things are looking pretty darn good right now.  Here's a little peek at what I've been up to...

Mister got me one of my chairs for Christmas!!  I could not believe it.  He really surprised me on that one, and that is hard to do.  I tell you ladies.  If you want to start getting what you want for birthdays and holidays, start a blog and make an innocent little post with your wish list.... ;)

Oooo!  I cannot wait for you all to see the new space we have been enjoying.  It is so fun to have a spot to read my design books, enjoy our pretty view, and catch up on some Tivoed Burn Notice episodes with my Mister.  Have you all been watching?  Crazy intense this season.

I'll be back to update you soon!


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