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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Tribute! - Labels

Santa brought me two things this year that have really made me smile.  A label maker and a laminater.  Yep.  I'm a nerd.  But any organizing officionados know that organizing is futile unless you can keep it that way.  Labels are one of my fav ways to get, and stay, clutter free.

I printed pictures of my son's toys onto sticker labels for the playroom, created laminated photo labels for our garage bins, and used my label maker to keep my spices under control.  And I'm just getting started y'all! Having been a teacher, I've always loved labeling.  It helped my kids know where to find supplies, and most importantly when you have 21 students, how to put them back.

Why we love them:
  • They can be personalized to fit your needs - photos for non-readers, teeny-tiny for small bins, backed with cute scrapbook paper, you name it!
  • They can go just about anywhere - with all the products now available to us (portable label makers, home laminators, home computers/printers) you can label your heart out!  Stick one on your sock drawer, label your media collection into categories, store your holiday decorations in organized style.
  • They keep all your hardwork keepin' on - why spend all that time purging, sorting, rethinking, and containing your home's spaces if they won't stay that way?  Label up and then the hubs and kids won't have any excuses for not sorting the darks and lights!

  Anyone have a favorite use for labels?  What things are you working on labeling right now?

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