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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

8 Bags...

...and counting.  That's how many Goodwill bags are in my car right now.  And they all came from my closet.  Now that's just sad.  It wouldn't be so bad if my closet was now empty, but alas, no.  I am a clothes horse and I'm trying to change my ways.  Not because I love clothes any less, but simply because my closet can't keep up! (These pics were taken mid cleanout...it really never looked that bad!)

As an organzing fanatic, I've found that an essential key to getting (and staying) organized is simplifying.  I have no problem with this in the kitchen, the playroom, etc, but when it comes to clothes, I struggle.  As in, "awww, I wore this on our first date" struggle.  No longer!

I was rough and strict and made myself cut some ties...and guess what?  It feels awesome!  Now, I'm not quite finished yet.  I have 2 of those nifty under the bed shoe organizers to go through (they invented those for people just like me).  But just you wait.  After some rethinking of the closet layout, some cute bins, and my trusty label maker, my closet will finally be in line with the rest of my casa.

                                                     Did I mention I like shoes too? ;)

Yes, that is a Barbie in my closet.  I used to be a big time collector (as a kid) and this one hung around.  I like her.  She's fancy!

Who else has an area in their home that defies organization?  Anyone else vowing to conquer your trouble zone this year?  Closet organizing tips??

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