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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Terrible 2's?

Alright.  I absolutely love my son, but man.  There are days when I think to myself, "really?".  Today is one such day.  He pushed me to the edge!

It all started with an innocent trip to my local Goodwill.  "Treasure Hunting" we like to call it.  We popped in to see if there were any scores to be found (stay tuned for an exciting lamp makeover!!!!).  Well, lo and behold, there is a ball popper.  What's this, those of you without children may ask?  Well, it is a toy that all of my son's playmates have.  It plays music (with no volume control) and uses air to spiral balls through a tube to "pop!" out of the top.  This particular toy is not made anymore...Santa had to explain this.

Well what do you know!  Right in our Goodwill!  The music played, the air blew.  It seemed to be in working order so I splurged the $3.98 and became my toddler's hero.  Yay me!  The only problem was there weren't any balls.  No biggie, we have a baby toy at home with balls I thought might work.

Home.  Toy cleaned up.  Balls from baby toy attempted.  Fail.  Toy taken apart with mini screwdriver to retrieve said balls.  Disappointed child. Trip to Walmart for ping pong balls (these should work, right?).  Torrential downpour.  Mommy thinks it's a good idea to stop at Michael's "real quick" (the coupons expire this weekend!).  Impatience.  Hitting mommy.  Pulling ribbon off shelves.  Kicking glass apothecary jars (nothing broken!).  Hitting mommy.  Driving home.  Timeout (for child and mommy).  Talk about behavior.  More disobedience.  Hitting dog.  Running away from timeout.  Child wets pants.  Dinner.  Throwing rice on the floor.  Early bedtime.

                                                                Me too, buddy.  Me too.

And the stinkin' ping pong balls didn't work.

Anyone had a day like this?  What did you do to cope?  Any parents of 3 or 4 year olds out there?  Does it get better?!?

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