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Thursday, January 5, 2012

On the Hunt for Gray

The running joke between my mom and dad is that my mom would rather paint than dust.  She changes room colors like other people change light bulbs (well, before the squiggly ones that last forever!).  So I blame my itchin' for a paintbrush bug on her.  My kitchen is on its third color in 5 years.  Now, you should know that the 2nd color only lasted 2 months.  When it's not right, you know, and you don't let it linger!  The new color is divine...the perfect "greige".

My bedroom is on its second color...and it's not right.  I was going for a soft, dove gray, but anyone who has worked with grays knows they are a bear and half!  You risk winding up with the battleship look, or, with what I have, gray trying hard to be lavender.  I used to have red accents in our bedroom, but when the new paint went up, they HAD to go!  This means the paint has a lot of blue in it.  So I brought home a beautiful robin's egg blue quilt for the bottom of the bed.  Still putting off lavender vibes and still not right!

Are you seeing the purpley vibe?

                                                                     Yikes!  Here it is again!

Oh look.  Grey again.  What?  If there was one thing I took away from art school it is that colors can and do play off each other.  This one happens to like playing purple.  Ugh.

Just for kicks...here's a few pics of the first color we had in the master for 5 years.  Remember when green and red was really in?

I'd like to think my taste has changed for the better.  Upward and onward right?

It's time to hit the paint store again, but this time, I'm doing some research.  I need something soft, yet warm.  Neutral, but not plain.  Luxe and fab and absolute perfection!  Too much to ask out of a paint color?  Who knows?  What I do know is the mister is going to need some convincing to get on board with this project. ;) Either that, or I'm going to have to paint really fast on a workday!!

Anyone out there ever struck out on a paint color?  Anyone have a paint color they adore?

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