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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Closet Progress - A HUGE Step in the Right Direction

Well, it's safe to say that our master closet is now useable again.  I stayed up really late one night and made it happen.  I had visions of the hubs tripping on abandoned hangers in the dark hours of the early morning.

You remember where we started?  Then, I had a canvas bin "Aha" moment.  Then, just came some thinking.  What items kept tripping us up?  Definitely the colossal wall of belts and scarves.  Hey!  I love me some pretty scarves!

Yikes!  When I did want to wear a scarf, pull one down...you know the rest.

Other areas of distress were hats, winter scarves, socks, my tennis clothes, and the stacks of sweatshirts/pants...the Big Man's "lounge wear".  Hats we don't wear all the time, but for working out and tennis matches, they needed to be accessible.  Winter scarves are a rare need in Hotlanta.  Socks definitely needed some sort of container on eye level.  My tennis clothes were previously stacked on one of the wire shelves under my hanging tops.  Athletic clothes = slippery.  Those skirts were forever falling between the rungs and causing me great stress!  Perhaps a bin?  The lounge wear.  I get that everyone needs some comfy sweats to hang in, but they're such a bulky mess!  The stacks never stay straight, they fall over, and hubs never folds them back correctly!

We already had some plastic 3-drawer bins leftover from my classroom days.  They had already proved their utility at holding the delicates so if two sets is good, 4 is better!



 A drawer for scarves....

A drawer for my belts....

A drawer for my socks....

There are also drawers for my tennis clothes, the frequently needed hats, undegarments, etc.  So far, we are LOVING it!  With all the scarves tucked away, I now have a place to hang my robe (Our His and Her robes used to share a hook, but somehow mine always wound up on the floor...).

Here's another before and after, because they're just so fun!



Wow!  Really terrible lighting in that 2nd photo (no windows in the closet), but you can see the infamous canvas bins.  They now hold seldomly used hats (sun hats, etc) and winter scarves.  The dresses were really cleaned out as well.  I wound up storing the spring/summer frocks so that the fall/winter ones could hang better.  Who wears a sundress in January anyways right? 

You can just see the stacks of "lounge wear" back there.  I'm still brainstorming good ways to keep that stuff looking neat and tidy.  Any tips?

Here are the last of the "after" pics for now.  Of course, I plan to go back in and label the drawers, rehang the hooks for the robes, convert to just one type of hanger, perhaps put in a mirror in the blank space above the short shelves.  I'm also working on a new clothes hanging system called clustering.  You take all the items that make outfits and hang them together.  No more forgetting that the lace skirt looks great with the denim shirt.  We'll see how it goes.  Now that the function is under control...let the prettying begin!

When I cleaned out the toiletries from the linen closet, there wasn't any room for my nail polish box or bath supplies.  No prob!  I stuck them in these cute bins from the Target dollar spot and now they are readily accessible.

Well, there you have it.  Closets are really hard to photograph.  No natural light and you can't get any perspective because you can't step back!  Oh well.  Hopefully you see the improvement we've been feeling the past few days.  I smile every morning.

I can't wait to make it even better.  Maybe paint an accent wall?!?  Who's with me?

What projects have you been working on?  Ever have one task lead you to take on 14 others at the same time?

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