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Monday, February 25, 2013

Playroom Progress - Detour?

Welcome back!  It's Monday again, but that's okay, because that means we're getting closer to spring days with more daylight!

I'm popping in today to share another (yes, another) project that added itself to my list.  Uh-huh.  It added itself.  I didn't plan on redoing the playroom, but then this chalkboard found it's way in, and well, now everything else has to change. :)

Remember when I told you about making over the pegboard from the playroom?  And once I made it over it was way more fitting in the office, rather than the playroom?  So I swapped the pegboard for the chalkboard?

Well, once that happened I loved it.  I love how the rustic, weathered frame connects the feel of the rest of the first floor living space to the playroom.  However, now the very boy-like, very vibrant playroom is majorly clashing.

Yikes!  My eyes are hurting!  Never you fear.  This girl always has a pen and paper handy for a fresh new list.  Shall we?

new shelving around windows
build in window seating
trestle table 
window treatments
artwork space
storage baskets - repurpose/buy

This weekend I laid on the floor as my son repeatedly "climbed the rock", which consisted of him crawling up my bent legs and body slamming me.  In between blows, I dreamed up a space that is totally kid friendly, corrals all the necessary trucks and dinos, but also yields a fun space for my crafting.  This space has to also tie in with the rest of the house, which means, you guessed it...new colors.  Sensing a theme around here?

I wish y'all could crawl in my head and see it...it's so pretty.  Sigh.

It'll take some time and some muscle, but I'm excited to chip away.  Don't worry.  My other projects are still active as well...

Tomorrow I'll be sharing some very "distressing" news.  Nothing serious!  Just how I distressed some 1 X 4's to get that artwork display started.

See you then!


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