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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fashion Fun - Hot Orange

Whew!  I'm still recovering from our trip to the Children's Museum.  Oh.  My.

I should have known better than to go on a Saturday, but I was not prepared for the craziness of 100's of children all partaking in experiential, hands-on activities with absolutely no structure or supervision.  I mean, these parents were definitely taking a mini vacay.

Kind of tough to explain to my Little Guy that he has to wait in line for his turn on the crane while Pushy McPusherson gets to elbow his way through.  Maybe that's because Pushy's dad cut us in line on the way in.  Apple.  Tree.  Not far.

Anywho.  There's my vent.

Has anyone else noticed the abundance of hot orange lately?  I mean, it's everywhere.  Jewelry, clothing, home decor.  No problem here.  I kind of like it.  Is it orange?  Is it red?  It's both!

I got this cute little sweater on major markdown at J.Crew and knew it would go perfectly with my Target bracelet.  Love it when that happens.

This is a little "Small Things" hair-do.  If you haven't checked out Kate at thesmallthingsblog.com, you really should.  She has great hair tutorials.

Since my top was so fiery, I paired it with some calm and classy Coach flats.

Please don't be looking at the haphazard towels in the background.  Great.  Now you're all looking.

 It was chilly out, so I put on a tie front jacket from T.J. Maxx.

Do y'all have anything red orange yet?  It really does make you feel warmer!

Tomorrow I'm going to recap my V-Day posts from last year in case you missed them.  I've got a couple of new things up my sleeves to share later too.  We're trading out our Internet modem tomorrow so bear with me if there's a lull.  Hopefully not!

Till then!

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