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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fashion Fun - My New Friend

Hi there!  Is anyone else ready for some warmer temps?  I am SOOOOOOO ready for spring.

So ready, that when I saw this spring green bag it had to come home with me.  Had to.

Isn't it divine? 

The color.  The shape.  This adorable gold polka dot interior.  It all makes me smile so much!

It may be freezing outside, but my bright green bag makes me feel like hope is in the air!  Spring will come once more!  Can you hear the chorus singing?

Do you have a bright bag that makes you smile?  What's your favorite color in a purse?  I usually go for a neutral, but branching out a little here.

Go get yourself a little something springy!  Maybe if we all do, the weather will take the hint!


1 comment:

  1. LOVE your new green bag! I have a pebble-leather wallet in the same color and have used it all winter long in my conservative brown croc tote. Makes it fun! Just got an orange bag for spring. My new fav color! xo


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