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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

V-Day Fun!

Hi-ho!  I'm popping in to share, or I guess re-share, some V-day things we've done over here in the past.  I always like to see what I did last year when planning out what to do this year.

Here's a quick look back with links to the crafts:

I started by making this cute felt heart wreath (it will be making another appearance in my mantle reveal tomorrow!).

I made a few "Milkglass" pieces to adorn my mantle too.

Little and I made these little treats for his friends.  We'll be doing this again for his class V-day party.  Delish!

I also made some vintage valentines to dress up the kitchen and mantle.  These came out again this year too!

I re-used the vintage cards and the heart wreath, but I did a few different things this year to dress up the mantle.  Tomorrow I'll show you what I came up with.  There's a new DIY that I am LOVING!  Get your printer and extra burlap handy!


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